The Coffee Kick Subscription
The Coffee Kick Subscription

The Coffee Kick Subscription


Coffee Kick is a monthly subscription that lets you finally gain direct access to the limitless world of coffee without breaking the bank! Each monthly experience is designed for a coffee enthusiast like you in mind. 

So what's inside the box? You get seven different coffees, each coming from a unique roaster. Every month, you'll get to focus on another aspect of coffee. Every coffee comes in a 32-gram pouch and can be used in a variety of ways. Each experience is perfect for pour-overs, side-by-side comparisons, cuppings, or taking a few pouches with you on a quick weekend getaway. 

You'll receive an informational booklet that helps guide you along on your coffee journey. You'll get to know more about each coffee in detail. You'll even learn some information about the roasters. They put all of their love and craft into the drink you're currently enjoying, so we think it's worth letting you know a bit more about them.

A portion of each experience will be donated to organizations helping with poverty in coffee communities, sustainability, and innovation in the coffee industry. The coffee industry must remain healthy, so we can continue to create uniquely curated experiences for you to enjoy. 

Once a year has gone by, you'll have tried 84 coffees such a short time, learned a lot about where the coffee came from, and helped ensure the future of coffee is in a good spot. We can't wait for you to join us!

Each box contains: 

  1. Seven 32-gram pouches of coffee, each coming from a different roaster
  2. One booklet describing more about your experience
  3. A donation towards helping the coffee community
  4. A feeling of genuinely having explored the world of coffee