Hi, we're the Coffee Kick Team

We build experiences that coffee consumers deserve.

Our story

We started with a simple question—What would an ideal coffee experience look like for everyone?

We love coffee. And we mean, love it. But it's not possible to try it all in one go. We'd most likely go broke if we bought everything that sounded great. With so many coffee options, we started to realize how overwhelmed we were becoming by the sheer amount of choice in the world. There are too many excellent coffees and not enough time to enjoy them all. And that's precisely where we began to dig into how we could make discovery and access easier for ourselves and other coffee enthusiasts out there.

We started with a simple question—What would an ideal coffee experience look like for everyone? Could we create a unique consumer experience that offers access to coffees from every edge of the industry without breaking the bank? Could we create an experience that bridges the world of coffee into the kitchens of all consumers? Could we create something that would drive the future of coffee towards a brighter future?

Our experiences

After sending out a handful of prototypes and receiving our feedback in the fall of 2019, we created the first Coffee Kick, an experience designed to stretch beyond the physical and financial limitations of what other coffee companies offer in the world. We can often take our morning coffee ritual for granted. It can become dull when we drink the same coffee every morning. And that has never sounded to be a great experience in our eyes. We believe that creating experiences that bring out a sense of joy, excitement, anticipation, discovery, and adventure will change all of that. Life is too short not to explore. Every experience that we build is curated for the explorer and coffee enthusiast in mind.

We want you to join us on an adventure that brings out something unique and irreplaceable, just like a trip to somewhere new in the world.

We simplify the experience of discovering and trying coffees from all corners of the world. We help consumers feel as if they're apart of an amazing community. We guide consumers to find roasters more easily. We reveal their incredible stories. We showcase the hard work they've put into everything over the years. We give people access to a world they may have never had access to before. We educate consumers on the coffee they're currently enjoying at that moment. We make coffee approachable for everyone. People new to coffee or seasoned experts are equally welcome. We are your passport to the adventurous world of coffee. And we'll prove it all with one experience at a time.

Our contribution to the future

We use our experiences to help sustain and innovate within the coffee industry. With every Coffee Kick experience sold, we donate and invest a portion of our revenue in poverty reduction programs for coffee communities, sustainability, and innovation in the coffee space. As climate change brings uncertainty to the coffee industry and those who it impacts, we believe that our efforts in contributing to the next-generation supply chain that will help many from its dire consequences.

As we continue to develop and iterate on Coffee Kick, we dream of fostering and building an innovative coffee industry and economy that is fit for 2030 and beyond. We'll continue to be future-focused as we remain relentless in our pursuit of ensuring that an industry we love will endure and overcome the hardships of what is to come.

Join us in our mission and vision of creating experiences that will help drive the future of coffee. We hope that we'll unlock a world that you never knew existed.

Cory / David / Jonah

Our mission

To reimagine the discovery, learning, and buying experience for the coffee industry.

Our vision

To drive the coffee industry towards a sustainable and innovative future through consumer-focused experiences and technology.