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A Coffee Experience Subscription

A monthly coffee experience that awakens your adventurous side

Join an exclusive group of coffee lovers on a journey through the fascinating world of coffee. Coffee Kick is a carefully curated selection of exceptional coffees shipped to your door every month. We partner with the best roasters around the country to help you taste your way through the beautifully diverse origins, wash processes, and roast techniques of the worlds greatest beverage.

Try more, spend less

Amazing coffee can get pricy and trying seven new coffees every month would set you back over $140. Coffee Kick helps you taste 84 new coffees a year, without breaking the bank.

Discover remarkable roasters

With so many talented roasters out there, it's impossible to try it all. Coffee Kick introduces you to new roasters from all over the country. Each experience gives you direct access to their uniquely crafted coffees that you didn’t know existed or were out of reach.

Behind every coffee, there's a story to tell

A cup of coffee doesn't start when the water boils and doesn't end after the last sip. All experiences come with a dedicated booklet to bring you behind the scenes on what you're drinking. Dive into the fascinating origins, people, processes, and philosophies that go into crafting the perfect cup.

A new coffee ritual without boundaries

Whoever said you have to settle for drinking the same coffee every morning? Elevate your morning ritual with an experience that delights your taste buds and awakens your mind with every sip. After your first Coffee Kick experience, you'll never want to drink the same coffee every morning again.

The Coffee Kick Subscription

Your adventure awaits! Get ready to kick things off with the first Coffee Kick Subscription with the Origin Series. Go on a journey through the astonishingly diverse world coffees. You'll receive seven, 32 gram pouches of specialty coffee all sourced from a new origin each month. Don't miss the opportunity to experience this one-of-a-kind collection of hand selected roasters. Subscribe today and start your journey through an unparalleled coffee adventure!

Get involved and give back

The future of coffee is uncertain. Climate change and global economic disparity threaten the existence of coffee. But together we can make a difference! A dollar from every box is donated directly to sustainable farming initiatives and poverty reduction programs to help coffee communities thrive.

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